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Elisabet Ney Museum in Austin, Texas

Elisabet Ney Museum, located in Austin, Texas, is a wonderful place to explore the life and work of a great sculptor. Born in Germany in 1833, Elisabet Ney lived and worked in the area for many years. Her beautiful home and studio have been turned into a museum staffed by knowledgeable volunteers who share her story and passion for creating art. Learn more here.

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The museum is located in Austin’s Hyde Park neighborhood, east of downtown. This area was a favorite place for the artist, and the garden includes some of the trees and plants which Elisabet planted in the late 1800s. As you approach the museum, be sure to admire the matching pair of cast bronze lions that guard the entrance. Once you enter the museum, it quickly becomes apparent why Elisabet Ney was such an amazing artist. She achieved a tremendous level of mastery in her sculpture, and her work was greatly appreciated during her lifetime. Today, it is still admired and appreciated, and visitors to the Elisabet Ney Museum get to enjoy many of the artist’s works. You can view sculptures that she made of historical figures, including those of the first three presidents of the Republic of Texas. One room of the museum is devoted to casts of her busts and heads, and the chiseled features of these noble subjects will stay with you after you leave. Learn more about Thinkery: Exploring the Unique Museum for Austin, Texas.