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About Us

Prompt & Reliable Services

Growing up within the industry at a very young age, i’ve heard many stories from my clients or my father’s clients about their experiences with many different contracting or sub contracting companies.

One of the stories I often hear are about sub contracting companies (not just electricians but plumbers, sheetrock guys, etc.) take the customers money and never hear from them again. I’ve also heard them say that sub contractors don’t care about customers and they only care about the money.

Being around the industry for so long and interacting with other sub contractors in custom homes or remodels, I always see a lack of contractors taking care of their clients and only focused on the money they will obtain from the job.

That’s when we saw a gap in the industry and decided to shift our focus on solving our customers problems no matter what they are, making sure we get the job done with the highest standard possible, making sure our clients are truly happy with their experience with us, creating positive and long lasting relationships with our clients, doing the right thing and being 100% honest with them, and many others!

What we’re trying to say is that we are looking to build genuine lifetime relationships with our clients and everyone who interacts with us.

Core Values

Our Vision & Mission

Our mission here is to solve our clients problems whether they’re electrical related or not.

You may have an electrical shortage in the kitchen, we’re on it! You might be in need of a new battery for your truck, we’re on it! You might be looking for a chiropractor, we know a good one!

No matter what your problem is, we’re dedicated to solving it and doing so with excellence.

We may not be the cheapest company but we are the best.