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Republic Square: A Place for All

In the center of downtown Austin, Texas, lies Republic Square, a two-acre park that serves as a central gathering place for locals and visitors alike. The park is home to various events and activities throughout the year, including Farmer’s Markets, live music, and cultural festivals. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a stroll or soak up some sun, Republic Square is the perfect place to do it. The history of Republic Square dates back to the city’s early days. In 1839, Austin’s founders selected the city’s location along the Colorado River, and soon after, a temporary makeshift capital was established at Waterloo (now known as Republic Square). It wasn’t until 1851 that the city’s permanent capital was moved to Austin. The square then served as the site of the first Texas State Capitol building from 1853 until 1856, when it was relocated to the present-day capitol building on 11th Street. Learn information about Austin, TX.

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In the years that followed, the square remained an essential part of downtown Austin. In the late 19th century, it was home to several important businesses and hotels, including the original Driskill Hotel. The hotel was built in 1886 by Colonel Jesse Driskill, a cattle baron and one of the city’s wealthiest citizens. The Driskill quickly became a popular gathering spot for Austin’s social and political elite. By the early 20th century, the square had become somewhat run-down. To revitalize the area, the city updated the park in the 1920s, adding a bandstand and a new fountain. The improvements proved popular, and the square soon became a gathering place for various events, including political rallies, beauty pageants, and concerts. Whether you’re a local looking for a place to relax or a visitor searching for some Texas culture, Republic Square is sure to have something for you. So come on down and enjoy all that the park has to offer. Discover facts about A Hiden Gem in Austin: Waterloo Park.