Retiz Electric, LLC offers recessed lighting installation in the Spring, TX area. We provide a 6-inch, 800 lumens and 11.6-watt indoor option as well as a 4-inch, 500 lumens and 8.5-watt outdoor option. Both last up to 40,000 hours.

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Discover the benefits of recessed lighting

Recessed lighting is an excellent choice for homeowners in the Spring, TX area. That's because recessed lighting:

  • Doesn't take up a lot of ceiling space
  • Cuts back on energy use
  • Can illuminate an entire room
  • Fits a variety of interior styles

Our electrician will complete your lighting installation in any room - or every room - that you want.

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Outside 4" Recessed Lights

Base price of $400 (1 light and 1 switch)

$400 = 1 light/ 1 switch
$500= 2 lights/1 switch
$600= 3 lights/1 switch
$700= 4 lights/ 1 switch
$800= 5 lights/ 1 switch
$900= 6 lights/ 1 switch
$1000= 7 lights/ 1 switch
$1100= 8 lights/ 1 switch
$1200= 9 lights/ 1 switch
$1300= 10 lights/1 switch

Every additional light and/or switch is $100 each.

One year warranty on parts and labor!