Retiz Electric, LLC offers electrical panel replacement services in Spring, TX. We can replace your panel if it's damaged or outdated. If you're renovating or expanding your home, you should upgrade your panel to ensure that it can handle the new electrical circuits. Contact us today to schedule an electrical panel upgrade in or around Spring, TX.

How to tell if you need a panel replacement

Your electrical panel is one of the most important features in your home. It keeps your property powered, and it stops your electrical features from overheating. You should schedule an electrical panel upgrade or replacement in Spring, Texas if:

  • Your breaker trips constantly
  • Your power goes out often for long periods of time
  • Your outlets overheat frequently

These issues are usually not a big deal, and a simple repair will do the trick. But they can also be signs of a damaged electrical panel, which is a bigger problem. Call Retiz Electric now to get a quote on an electrical panel replacement.